Canadians Saving Arrest Victims Everywhere

CanSAVE is a national collaboration with the grand challenge of further increasing survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) across Canada by focusing on 3 critical links in the chain of survival that are ripe for transformation: Improving recognition of sudden cardiac arrest; reducing response times for CPR and defibrillation; improving brain protection and brain recovery, and helping survivors live their best lives. CanSAVE members are spearheading research efforts in biosensor development, optimizing dispatcher recognition of SCA, community volunteer response, drone AED delivery, treatments for whole-brain ischemia, and improving quality of life for survivors of SCA. The impact of this transformational research will likely increase the number of survivors in Canada each year from 1,800 to 3,500 (comparable to the world’s best) and potentially to 12,000 people.