What we do

BC RESURECT affiliated investigators are involved in interventional clinical trials, observational analyses, and quality improvement initiatives. Over the last decade, our research has contributed to the rise in hospital discharge rates from 6.6% to 15% in BC’s urban communities.

Measure: Collecting real-time research quality data.

Understand: Turning data into wisdom.

Improve: Increasing survival through transformational care improvements.

More Survivors: More survivors at home and with best quality of life.

Areas of Work

  • Ensuring the high quality of the BC Cardiac Arrest Registry to allow investigators and partners to explore relationship of potential predictors of survival, monitor trends, benchmark against best practices, guide future resuscitation practices, and to provide a foundation for clinical trials.
  • Develop and disseminate reports as tools to measure quality improvement.
  • Perform observational and comparative effectiveness studies to elicit new knowledge.
  • Implement clinical research studies of promising interventions or strategies.
  • Collaborate nationally with scientists in the Canadian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium ( CanROC) and contribute to the National Cardiac Arrest Registry.
  • Spearheading and supporting transformative research through the Canadian Saving Arrest Victims Everywhere (CanSAVE) research group.